About Us

CALVERHINE unite various stylistic settings to create an own mix of crushing riffs with melodic parts and rhythmic percussion. Deep, aggressive growls in interplay with clean vocals.

Passion and devotion to music are the driving forces behind CALVERHINE which the 6-headed band from Villach also proves with their exciting live shows.

Our story


The band was founded in summer 2011 by Manuel Ulbing (Guitar) and Stefan Siakala (Drums).


First performances at the Chopin Metal Night (Villach), Friday the 13th (Bad Bleiberg) and the Rock House Medusa (Deutschlandsberg).


This was followed by a 1-year "creative break" as 3 members left the band. In spring 2013, Oliver Blasnig (Vocals) and Andreas Richter (Bass) joined the band. In November 2013, the newly formed band made their comeback at the Heavy Metal Thunder concert in Villach.


In February 2014 Mario Zdiarsky (Guitar) joined the band. Concerts 2014: 06.09 Heavy Mölltal 2014 Festival (Five Minute Fall, Unhallowed, An Act of Treachery, Scorse Of Morte, etc.) 29.11. Planet Festival Tour 2014 (Audience Winner Preliminary round ) (Scorse of Morte, Pain Is, Stickhead, Outline, Living Targets, Beyond the Horizon)


In October 2015 Andreas Richter left the band. In November 2015, Stefan Mitsche joined the band as bass player. Concerts 2015: 27.02. "Long Night of Fighting Music" / Kulturhofkeller Villach (Leons Massacre, KillRobotKill, Seek and Destroy, Forever the Failure, From the Shores) 21.03. Hell over Vellach Warmup Show / VAZ Sachsenburg (Madog, Idorath, KillRobotKill, Scorse of Morte) 25.07 "A Night to Remember" / Kulturhaus Bodensdorf (Madog, Pain Is, Unhallowed, Black Roses) 26.09 "SONAFEST 2015" / Kulturhofkeller Villach (Necrotted, Idorath, In this Chest, Thythopia)


In September 2016, Alexander Steiner (Percussions) joined the band. In the period between February and October they began recording the first album. The record will be finished in spring 2017. Concerts 2016: 07.01. "The Show must go on" / Chopin Villach (High Voltage, Thytopia) 9.10. Hellover Vellach 2016 / VAZ Sachsenburg (ABORTED, KillRobotKill, Necrodeus, Pain Is) 28.10. A Doctrine of Vultures Tour / Stereo Klagenfurt (Black Inhale, Bulldozer)


The recordings for the first album of the band are finished. Now new songs are being composed and rehearsed. First concerts have already been completed and more shows are planned. Concerts in 2017 14.01. "Eargazmic Nights" / Club Wakuum Graz (Ampere, Roadkill, Force)


Physical release of JOIN THE LAMENT on February 3rd. On May 21th drummer and founding member Stefan „Scully“ Siakala and guitar player Mario Zdiarsky left the band. On June 3rd drummer Sebastian Pippan (ex Ophelia´s Autopsy) and guitar player Daniel Sibitz officially joined the band. Shooting of the second official music video of the song „DEAD END“. The songwriting for the second album started.